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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Product Quality Requirements/What We Will Buy
The Order Process


Can I donate my traded in product to the American Red Cross?
Yes, in the check out process you will be asked if you want to donate any or all of your trade-in proceeds to the American Red Cross Disaster Response Fund. You may enter any percentage from 1% to 100%. For example you can choose to send 50% on your Trade-in value to the American Red Cross and have the remaining 50% paid into your PayPal account or sent to you by check (see payment process). Any Amount you specify as donating to the American Red Cross this way will be treated as a cash donation by you. 100% of that cash donation will be sent directly to the American Red Cross Disaster Response Fund. Once your items have been successfully checked-in and a final value credited to your account, you will receive a separate email receipt acknowledging your donation and the cash amount.

I'm not in the U.S.; can I sell you Video Games, DVDs, or CDs?
You can sell to us if you are not from the US. However we are currently only accepting pre-owned product that is in North American/US formats, e.g. Region 1 DVDs, North American Video Games, etc. In addition, all pricing and payment will be in US dollars via US Check or Paypal.

Can I buy used Video Games, DVDs, or CDs from
Currently you can only sell your pre-owned entertainment products at, but we hope to offer the ability to buy new and pre-owned products sometime in the future.

Is there a minimum?
There is a $10.00 order minimum; we cannot accept an order with a total value less than this amount. For free shipping please send us 16 or more qualified Video Games, DVDs, or CDs! For free shipping insurance, please send us $50 or more worth of pre-owned product!

How do you figure out pricing?
The inventory we buy is sold through hundreds of online stores and through real-world, brick-and-mortar stores. The pricing you see is based on the combined experience gained from the sale of hundreds of thousands of used titles.

Why do you require my Driver License number?
We are required by law to obtain identification on all products sold to This law is in effect essentially across the country. This information is only given to authorities (or their designee) when probable cause has been established in a theft of items described to us and matched in detail to a specific order in a specific local. We will not provide this information to any unauthorized parties. For any further questions please contact Customer Service.


What payment options are available to me? pays by PayPal or check via US Mail.

How long will it take to get my money?
That depends on what shipping method you use to get the titles to us. Please ask your shipper how long it will take to get the package to us. We'll send your payment through PayPal, or check via U.S. Mail which can take several days to reach you (a few days less for PayPal).

Do you offer credit or cash?
Currently, we provide only cash (we will soon offer both cash and credit). Some companies provide credits that you have to use in their store or a low cash price (up to 50% less!). We give you hard cash that you spend any way you wish.

Who pays shipping costs?
We do! We provide you a shipping credit based on Media Mail shipping through the U.S. Postal Service to for selling us 16 or more qualified items (this only applies to CDs priced above $0.25, or DVDs priced above $2.00, or Games priced above $3.00) . You ship the products to us and we reimburse you for the shipping. For sending us less than 16 qualified items, we request that you pay for the shipping - but make sure you send us 16 or more! For other alternatives in shipping see Shipping Resources for more information.

Why should I use PayPal to receive my payment?
If you use a PayPal account, you'll receive your money in your PayPal account within minutes of us issuing a payment (PayPal has a 3 to 4 day delay in crediting of funds submitted to them). Click here for more information on PayPal.

How does the PayPal payment process work?
PayPal is the largest e-mail payment system on the Internet, with more than 24 million users. It allows you to send and receive money online - it takes just minutes for your payment from us to arrive in your PayPal account.

You'll set up a PayPal account in a simple two- or three-minute signup process. You'll provide us with your PayPal account name. Then, when we issue your payment, it goes straight into your PayPal account and you'll receive an e-mail telling you it's arrived. You then will have the option to keep the money in your PayPal account for future transactions or have it transferred to one or more of your bank accounts for free. Sign-up for a PayPal account now.

How does changing my payment or address information once an order has been place affect my payment?
If you change any of your personal information once an order is created, these changes will not affect any previous orders that you have placed. These changes will only be applied to future orders. You will need to contact customer service if you need to change your payment address or method on a pending order.

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Product Quality/What We Will Buy

We currently buy music Video Games, DVDs, and CDs. Please see our product quality requirements for detailed information about each product type.

In what condition must the title be?
For information about title quality, click here.

What DVD formats will you buy?
Please note that we currently only accept Region 1 DVDs that are either standard DVD, HDDVD or Blu-ray DVD formats.

When the item is received at the Trade-in (CDs/DVDs) Center, what happens if it is not worth what was quoted?
You will receive an email explaining why a different value was assigned. If an item is rejected we will either dispose of the product or returned to you at your own expense depending on what option you initially chose when you submitted your order. We reserve the sole right to reject any item at any time for any reason.

What Game platforms will you buy?
Please note that we currently only accept United States/English titles for the following gaming platforms: Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Playstation, Game Boy Advance, PSP, PSP UMD Movie, Nintendo DS and WII.

What happens if you reject one or more of my Video Games, DVDs, or CDs?
During checkout you must specify whether you authorize to ship any merchandise that fails to meet our quality standards back to you at a cost to you of $1.99 for the first item and $0.75 for each additional item, or authorize to dispose of any merchandise that fails to meet our quality standards.

Can I send you titles that are not in a jewel case or title box?
Yes, but note that our pricing is based on titles in good condition in a good jewel case or title box. If we have to provide a case or box - or replace a cracked or badly scratched case - we will deduct $0.50 ($0.60 for DVD or Game cases) from the price we pay you for each damaged or missing jewel case or title box. See our quality requirements for more information.

What about front and back liner notes?
The liner notes, both front and back, must be included with the title or we cannot accept it. All cover art, liner notes, booklets, etc. that came with the original product must be included. See our quality requirements for more information.

Some of my titles don't look so good. Will you still accept them?
If you don't think they look good, we probably won't either! We suggest you don't send them.

Do you accept "Cutout's"?
We will accept products that have slashed, drilled or punctured holes, etc. on their jewel cases, but we will deduct $0.50 per jewel case ($0.60 for DVDs and Games cases).

What if I have "Punched or marked up UPC codes"?
Some distributors and retailers occasionally mark special sale items by marking up or punching a hole through the UPC code, cover art, or liner notes. We can accept these products, as long as the product meets the normal quality standards.

Do you accept DVD's other than Region 1?
No, we currently are only buying Region 1 (North America) DVDs. DVDs from any other region will be rejected.

Do you accept products marked "Promotional"?
Yes, CDs and DVDs stamped Promotional are accepted.

How about titles that have never been unsealed? Can you pay more?
Sorry, we still have to sell them as used - we can't sell as new products that were not sold to us as new by a distributor. So however high the quality of the title, we still have to price it as used.

Will you buy titles I bought from a music club or DVD club?
If you can find the title in our database, we can buy it. If not, sorry, we can't buy. If you have trouble finding one of these titles by UPC code just search for these items by artist, title or keyword rather than by using the UPC code. If the track listing and cover are the same, we'll accept the product.

I can't find some of my titles in your system. Will you buy them?
Sorry, we can only accept titles for which we have provided prices in our database.

I can't find a matching UPC code for a particular title. Will you still buy the item?
In many cases, only has the latest UPC of a product. Older versions/editions may have different UPCs. As long as the titles are clearly the same we will accept a product with a different UPC than what is listed in our database. However, be careful not to confuse distinct releases such as limited editions, gold editions, re-masters and the like.

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The Order Process

I completed an order, and then found some more titles I want to add. What do I do?
The easiest thing is to simply add the extra titles to the shipping cart and complete another order. You can ship both orders together in the same box, but make sure you put both packing labels in the box. Remember, your second order will have to total $10.00.

Can I see the status of my order?
Yes, click the YOUR ACCOUNT icon at the top of the page , and log into your account. Then click the Order Status page. You'll see a list of all the orders you have placed to date. Click on an order number to see detailed information about that order.

Can I sell more than one copy of a particular item?
Yes, you can sell us a maximum of 2 CDs, 3 DVDs, and 3 Video Games of the same title. In addition, you will need to add the item to the selling cart multiple times to sell more than one copy of the same item. Each item will be displayed in the selling cart as a separate line item. However, keep in mind that our prices and inventory are continuously updated. After reviewing all customer selling carts and our current inventory, our dynamic pricing formula may offer lower prices for multiple, identical items added to your selling cart.

Once an order has been placed, can I change the option on how rejected merchandise will be handled?
You can only change your Return Merchandise preference if your order has not yet been approved. To change the option for a particular order, go to Your Account and select the order from the Order History page. Scroll down to the Return Merchandise Policy section at the bottom of the page, and select your new preference and press the UPDATE button. Note: this option will not appear if your order has already been approved.

What if my order is over 99 CDs, or 49 DVDs, or 30 Video Games
Important Note: If you are selling more than 99 CDs (or 49 DVDs or 30 Video Games) your order needs to be pre-approved by one of our Managers prior to acceptance. Please do not physically send your order to us until you have received our acceptance email (usually within 12 hours). Please continue to add items to your shopping cart and when you are ready, proceed to checkout, submit your order and wait for the acceptance email. If you have any questions please contact Upon receiving our acceptance email you may then ship your order to us by following the instructions on your order confirmation page. If you are a broker, reseller or retailer then click here for more information.

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Shipping & Insurance

Where do I ship the products?
After you tell us what titles you want to sell, you'll go through a simple "checkout" process, in which you provide us with the address to which we should send your check. In the final step, you'll see a page with two labels shown on the page. One label is a packing slip, showing your address and a list of the titles you are shipping. The other is a shipping label showing your address as the From address, and our address as the Shipping address. Print this page twice - keep a copy for yourself, and cut out the labels for the shipment. Put the packing slip inside the box, and the shipping label outside.

I lost my mailing label and packaging slip. Can I print out another copy after an order has already been placed?
Yes, click the YOUR ACCOUNT icon at the top of the page and log into your account. Then click the Order Status page. You'll see a list of all the orders you have placed to date. Click on the order number you are interested in seeing. Scroll down to the "Delivery Information" section and press the PRINT RECEIPT & MAILING LABEL button to print out another copy.

I don't have a printer; what do I do about shipping labels?
Just copy our shipping address from the page to the outside of the package. Also, put a page inside the shipment with your name and address, and the order number.

Who is responsible for insurance?
We require that you insure your shipment for the replacement cost of all pre-owned merchandise sent to us. We are not responsible for merchandise that is lost in transit or damaged upon arrival to (or its partners). For orders totaling $50 or more we provide you a shipping insurance credit based on current USPS rates. However, if your order is not shipped with the proper insurance, the credit will be rescinded from your payment. Please see Free Shipping & Insurance for specific details.

What if my package is lost?
If you have contacted us and we have not received your package and have purchased insurance though USPS - click here for further information. After 30 days (U.S.P.S requirement) we will provide you a letter or statement stating that we did not receive the article/order. The statement, or a copy of it, must be attached to your claim.

If you have used UPS, then click here for further information.

If you have not purchased insurance, we cannot compensate for the loss of items entrusted to the Postal Service or UPS.

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